The Biotrust Ethics Team members are gathered from around the world to provide guidance for  biobanking, registry, and research initiatives hosted by Genetic Alliance.  The team works through dialogue to find the principles that guide and inform our practices and policies, permeating our interactions, our invitations, our systems.  The BioTrust Ethics Team provides input on high level mission statements and on-the-ground daily decisions in operating the research resources.  Our expertise includes governance, data access, data sharing, engagement, and trustworthy research practices.

Membership of the BioTrust Ethics Team:

Kelly Edwards, University of Washington, Chair
Nicholas Anderson, University of Washington
Greg Biggers, Genomera
Leila Jamal, Johns Hopkins University
Jane Kaye, Oxford University
Kieran O’Doherty, University of Guelph
Suzanne Vernon, CFIDS Association of America
David Winickoff, University of California at Berkeley