Genetic Alliance Registry and BioBank provides the following tools and training opportunities to assist advocacy organizations in developing and managing registries and biorepositories.

BioBank Toolbox

The GARB Toolbox is designed to serve as a map of the tools and resources created by GARB.  With the help of the Toolbox, we hope to guide you to all of our different resources for registries or biobanks.


Weekly Tips

Each week, Genetic Alliance Registsry and BioBank creates a tip tailored for advocacy organizations interested in registries and biobanks.  Learn about best practices, effectives strategies, and useful tidbits to make your registry and biobank better!



This teleconference series offers information and discussion framework on topics relating to Genetic Alliance Registry and BioBank.


Discussion Listserv

This listserv has been created to discuss issues surrounding registries and biorepositories.  Please email to join the listserv.


BioBank Boot Camps

Boot camps are in-depth, hands on training sessions to assist advocacy organizations in creating and maintaining a registry and/or biorepository. GARB has hosted the following boot camps across the United States:



Watch Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance, discuss the important role for advocates in biobanking, how she became involved in the field, the challenges she faced, and how advocates working together can make a difference.



These worksheets and checklists have been developed to assist organizations considering or planning a registry or biobank.